Thursday, August 19, 2010

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Huron Public Library- Who Do You Think You Are?
333 Williams St.
Huron, Ohio

Thursday, August 26
6:45 PM

Have you ever wondered who your ancestors really were? NBC’s hit series, Who Do You Think You Are?, follows several celebrities as they trace their family history and face the facts, both good and bad.

In the spirit of the show, Lisa Yako of Historical Research Partners will lead you in the quest to discover your family history. Part of the program will be hands-on online searching. Registration is required: online at or call 419-433-5009.

Firelands Historical Society- Isaac Hoover: farmer, inventor, and philathropist

4 Case Avenue
Norwalk, Ohio

Wednesday, September 15
7:00 PM

Isaac Hoover, a native of Erie County, Ohio, began his career as a potato farmer, and his farm produced the largest potato harvest in the county. After years of tediously harvesting potatoes by hand, Hoover envisioned a mechanical potato digger. During the winter of 1884-1885, he designed and constructed his first digger and used it to harvest his 1885 crop. Foreseeing the potential of his invention, he submitted a patent application in March 1885. The patent was quickly granted, and the Hoover & Prout Company of Avery, Ohio, was formed to produce and promote the diggers. By 1914, the Hoover Manufacturing Company employed 75 to 100 people, produced about 5,000 machines per year and shipped diggers worldwide. In 1926, Hoover sold his company to the John Deere Company. In addition to his business success, Isaac Hoover played a role in the growth of the communities of Milan and Lakeside, Ohio. Hoover’s commitment to Lakeside helped the community to survive the trying times of the Great Depression. In his 1916 book, A Standard History of Erie County, Ohio, H.L. Peeke described Hoover in glowing terms: 'He has prospered, and his success and prosperity have produced a permanent and far reaching benefit to mankind.'