Monday, September 27, 2010

Current/Recent Projects

Old Mill Road, Gates Mills, Ohio- This Greek Revival structure was built around 1900 by a family that owned the adjacent property. The family claimed the property under Squatter's Rights and built a house there. Likely, the house was used as a rental property for a number of years.

McCormick School, Huron, Ohio- McCormick School was completed in 1943. This fully concrete school built in the Art Moderne-style was the first concrete school in Ohio. Since 1949, the auditorium at McCormick School has been the home of the Huron Playhouse, the longest, continuously running summer theatre in Ohio. Currently, I am completing the nomination for the National Register of Historic Places for this structure.

Williams Street, Huron, Ohio- In the early 1850's, Alexander Ledgard, a veteran of the War of 1812, built this house. In 1871, the house became the parsonage for the fledgling German Evangelical Church in Huron. The house was used in this capacity until 1904. For much of its history, the house was used as a rental property. Interesting, the current owner is a retired minister.