Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Historic Huron Home For Sale

In 2009, homeowner, Ina Townsend Young, hired Historical Research Partners to research the history of her home so she could present the written history to her husband, Kevin, as a Christmas gift. As with most houses, the history of the house located at 125 Center Street in Huron, Ohio, was quite interesting. The house was constructed around 1851 by master shipbuilder, John F. Squier. From 1854 until 1883, Squier built or modified 30 ships and tugs, but his most outstanding contribution to Great Lakes commerce was the propeller, Ohio, which he built in 1875. The Ohio was known as the first four-masted ship to sail all of the Great Lakes. Squier primarily built ships in Huron, but also worked in Milan, Toledo, Vermilion, and Lorain. Squier’s ship building career ended in 1883 when he constructed one of the last ships to be built in Huron, the Sakie Shepard.

John Squier and his wife, Maria, lived at 125 Center Street with their three children (who were all likely born in the house) until 1861. Over the next six years, the property changed hands many times until it was purchased in 1867 by prominent Huron businessman, Christopher Krock. Krock and his wife, Susan, lived at the Center Street home with their 7 children. Both Christopher and Maria lived there for the remainder of their lives.

The next long-term residents of 125 Center Street were Edward and Blanche Shaffer. The Shaffers purchased the home in 1919 and remained there the rest of their days. Shaffer was a self-employed fisherman. He constructed the interesting stone building that sits just to the northwest of the house. Shaffer used this sturdy structure as his ice house and as a place to store his catch until it could be sold or shipped.

In 1987, Kevin Young purchased the Center Street home and has lived there ever since. Currently, the home is for sale as Kevin and Ina seek to spend their retired years in a warmer climate. So, who will be the next resident to add to the rich history associated with this fine Huron home?


  1. Wow!! that's great that you found all this fascinating history on the house. I'm wondering how you did gather all the information? Is there a website I could visit because I'd like to know about my house! Let me know and thanks for the insight!

    1. Unfortunately, compiling the history of a home is far more complicated than visiting a web site. The process takes lots of time and knowledge of where to seek information. None the less, the information you seek is not always available or might be very difficult to find. In the end, the process of seeking is truly part of the adventure!

  2. Hi Lisa! Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful history of the house. Having lived in this fine old home for all the years that we did and occassionaly sitting and wondering about who lived here before the Howell's, it's so great to finally know "the rest of the story". Here are some other notable folks who have owned this gem. Fred & Reitus Howell who raised their kids, Mike, Larry, Dianna & sister Sean there. After we bought it from Fred, My first wife Mary Sue (Bork) Young and our daughters Jenn and Bethany Young lived very happily there after as well. Many of you will remember Mary Sue who was a dedicated R.N. who worked at and with the Sandusky hospitals;(Her memorial Labyrinth is located at the McBride arboretum as well.) Anyway, thanks again and congratulations to whomever gets to live there next. It was an honor and more pleasure than I can possibly relate. You just have to experience the joy of living there yourself to
    really appreciate it. XOXO Kevin Young

  3. Kevin-

    It was my pleasure to research the history of your home. It is always exciting to uncover the history of a home and to help people answer nagging questions they might have concerning certain aspects of their home (for you the milk/ice house). Thanks for the additional information. How interesting for the new owners (whoever they might be) to have a written history already completed! I hope you and Ina are making some history in your new home!