Friday, March 9, 2012

Pied Piper Ice Cream in Huron, Ohio

A small town just is not the same without a local ice cream stand. The Pied Piper in Huron, Ohio, has a long history and a big following. Here is its story that I published in the March 8, 2012, issue of Huron Hometown News: Pied Piper to Open March 14 Despite the crazy weather and the lack of a true winter, one thing residents of Huron can always count on as a harbinger of spring is the opening of Pied Piper. The official opening for 2012 is only a few days away and preparations are underway! The Pied Piper has been a fixture in Huron since 1952 when it was opened by Ellsworth and Helen Piper. According to Sheila Ehrhardt, the Pipers operated the Dairy Bar, a full-service restaurant that was located on Main Street in Huron. Ice cream was a big seller at the restaurant, and the children often followed Mr. Piper over to the ice cream cooler in mass to make their selection. Hence, Mr. Piper was frequently compared to the legendary Pied Piper. Thus, the name, Pied Piper, seemed fitting for the Piper’s new ice cream stand which they built at the corner of Cleveland Road and Huron Street. The Piper’s operated the Pied Piper for a few years before selling it to Carl Wechter. This was a fitting match since the Wechter family had long been in the dairy business. The Pied Piper has been in the Wechter family ever since. For the past approximately ten years, the Pied has been owned by Chris and Kelly Wechter. According to Chris Wechter, visitors to the Pied will not see any big changes this year, but all of the favorites will be back. So, if you are dreaming of a Nut Dip or a Turtle Sundae or even just a small cone with a face, you will not have long to wait!

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