Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

Last night, I watched NBC's new series where famous people trace their genealogy. Being interested in this topic, I found the show to be quite good. Yet, the reality is that without the means to travel all around the country or across the world to do your research, you must do your research mostly online. Having spent countless hours doing research for other people, I must say that those that do genealogy research are 95% of the time quite helpful. If you see that someone else is researching the same person, contact that person and share stories. You never know, you might just be related.

Back to the show...Emmitt Smith discovered some amazing things about his ancestors. His past involved slavery, rape, mixed races, and more. I have never taken a trip into the past that hasn't been interesting and rather unexpected. Give it a try (or have me do the research for you).

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